How a Bicycle and Camera Will Help Make an Excellent Photo Album of Your City

Who could tell a better tale about the city you live in, other than you? If you’ve lived in your city for a longer period of time, you can surely capture the most exciting and beautiful things about it better than any visiting tourist. Your photo album can give all the authenticity and insight that a tourist lacks. If you have a camera and a bike, you can make the most of them by creating your photo album of the city you live in very easily.

Although you’ve probably grown used to your surroundings, it’s fun to try and view them from different perspectives. Riding the bike will help you get from one place to the next much faster. Unlike a car, it can get you closer to areas where vehicles are not allowed, and it’s eco-friendly. It will help you scout for high angles, and sometimes you can even add your bike in the frame. Most importantly, though, it saves you a lot of time. Very good hybrid bikes you can find out here

What helps is reading reviews of tourists about local attractions and seeing what they liked the most. Since you’ve probably grown accustomed to your city’s touristy spots, this will open your eyes to new shooting opportunities. Ride your bike from one spot to another and try to envision new ways to present it through a picture. Usually, getting up early in the morning can grant you a crowd-free picture, which emphasizes the object you are shooting. This is a key trick since by-passers and cars can ruin a perfect snapshot. This is unless the crowd is what you are photographing, which is not a bad idea on local festivals, gatherings, and other celebrations.

Since your camera or smartphone is crucial to creating a photo album, you cannot risk damaging it while you’re riding your bike back and forth. Consider getting a protective case, possibly with a strap for your shoulder or neck.
If you want to make your viewers aware of your photographing method, place your bike next to or in front of the object you’re shooting. That gives the viewer a hint of your presence on the site and immediately adds a more personal touch to the photograph. Make sure the bike doesn’t take up too much space in the photo. It’s recommended that it occupies no more than a corner of your shot.

Organize the photos in your album according to the mood and light. That will make it look as though you are telling the actual story of your bike ride. Place the brighter and more vibrant pictures and the softer and diffused ones in separate groups, preferably adding some neutral ones in between to ensure a smooth transition.

Don’t look at your city through the eyes of a tourist. It’s better if you look at it as an old friend with many stories to tell. The key is in making all the ordinary things look new and unusual. The best part about photographing your city is that you can always retake your old shots – practice makes perfect!

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