How to Style Your Hair for a Photo

Whether it’s for a passport photo or a professional photo shoot, every one of us has had the same dilemma: what should I do with my hair? It seems that a commonly made a mistake is going over the top – fantastic up-dos, crazy highlights or uneven locks. All of this tends to look rather cheap on a photograph.

More often than not, the best way to go is with a simple hairstyle, such as subtle waves or smoothly straightened hair. That provides a more natural look and draws the attention to your facial features instead of distracting the viewer. Here are some hairstyles you can do by yourself, using nothing more than a flat iron.

Straight and Voluminous

Letting your hair loose for picture day is a trendy choice. It’s very easy to achieve and even easier to maintain. After washing your hair, make sure to dry it, leaving as little humidity as you can. If possible, use a heat-protection spray, which will reduce burn damage and split ends. After the flat iron warms up and adjusts to the necessary temperature, straighten your hair layer by layer by pressing it between the hot plates. At the end, pick out strands from the top of your hair and straighten them upwards to get that extra volume. Use silicone-free hair drops at the ends and hairspray at the roots to add glow and make sure your hairstyle endures till the end of the photo shoot.

Loose waves

If you want to go for something more fun than just straight hair, then getting soft, natural-looking curls is also an excellent way to go. All you will need is a flat iron and some hair clips. I can have a look before what is best flat iron here. Divide your hair into three to four layers, depending on how thick it is. Pick out strands that are about half an inch and curl them around the flat iron, without closing the plates completely. Make sure all the strands are roughly the same size. Once you’ve curled all layers, apply a generous amount of hairspray and use a hairbrush to smoothen the look.

Elegant Ponytail

Just in case you want to put your hair up for a photo, here is how to do a classic, neat ponytail. Start by straightening your hair the same way you would if you were to wear it down. Afterwards, use a comb or hairbrush to gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. Fasten tightly with a hair tie and use a minimal amount of hair wax to slick back any unruly baby hairs. Once you’ve done that, divide your ponytail into three sections and curl their ends loosely. To finish off, backcomb the bottom of the ponytail and apply hairspray. If you have bangs or a fringe, you can experiment by straightening or curling.

Hopefully, you will enjoy any one of these three suggestions. In the end, no matter how old you are when you look back at the photo, you will be content knowing that you made the right choice for a hairstyle!

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