Monitor for editing

20 years ago, the photographer had to choose what type of film to use, he had to select photochemistry (developers, fixers, etc.)
Today, everything has changed, but the photographer will have to make a difficult choice as well as then – he will have to choose a monitor.

First of all, you need to choose the type of matrix – the most suitable matrix for the photographer is manufactured using IPS technology. The undeniable advantages of this technology are the transmission of the full depth of sRGB colors and wide viewing angles as well.

So what should a photographer remember when he chooses a monitor?

Certainly this number of colors, contrast and brightness, viewing angle, screen surface (matte or glossy) as well as screen size and working resolution.
It is very convenient to use two monitors at once. For this purpose, frameless monitors are best suited.
Today, a large number of frameless monitors with a wide range of characteristics are on the market. The choice is yours.